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All-inclusive Sandals LaSource Grenada

January 31 - February 7, 2016

Sandals LaSource Grenada

Sandals are all-inclusive resorts on different islands in the Caribbean. Sandals is well known for its service quality, beautiful resorts and friendliness. Sandals LaSource Grenada is located at Grenada's Pink Gin Beach. Grenada is known as the Island of Spice.

After arriving at the airport, we hopped on the complimentary shuttle and drove 15 minutes to the resort. After our arrival at the resort where we were greeted by the friendly staff members, we settled into our rooms and had time to explore the resort. The resort has a beautiful design with a lot of open air area and everywhere the guest will notice the attention to detail.



The next day provided enough time to explore more of the resort. The resort has ten restaurants that are all included. Le Jardinier offers French specialties, Butch's Chophouse is a great place to enjoy a prime cut of meat, and the Teppanyaki cooking style is used at Kimonos and great fun to be with any group of friends.

Walt, who got cerified for scuba diving shortly before going to Grenada, went on a scruba diving trip with Rich. All PADI certified scuba divers can join two complimentary dives every day.

In the afternoon, we got ready for our Private Cocktail Party at the Neem Tree Gardens. Later, dinner was served at Cucina Romana, a restaurant offering Italian cuisine.

Scuba Diving
Scuba Diving at Sandals

Cocktail Party
Private Cocktail Party at the Neem Tree Gardens

Island Tour
Stop at the Annadale Waterfall during our
full-day island tour

Island Tour
Sandals Select Guest Cocktail & Dinner party
In the morning, the group boarded the bus for the Spicy Full-Day Island Tour. The tour started with a drive along the West Coast until we reached the capital of Saint George's with its ancient forts. Continuing the drive, we saw historic towns, stopped at the Annadale Waterfall, at the Belmont Chocolate Estate and at the Grand Etang crater lake. We enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch at the Belmont Estate and learn about the production of organic chocolate beans, part of Grenada's superb chocolate making. On the way back to the resort, we enjoyed views of Calivigny and Hog Island.

Guests who vacationed at an all-inclusive Sandals or Beaches resort in the past were invited to attend the Sandals Select Guest Cocktail & Dinner party.

Some of our gentlemen went golfing. All the other guests preferred to stay at the resort and relaxed or paricipated in some of the activities that are offered every day.
The group got together for dinner at Butch's Chophouse. The elegant steakhouse features the finest cuts of juicy beef seasoned to perfection.

Welcome to Aquasize
Welcome to Aquasize

Another day in Paradise! Many activities at the resort kept us busy during the day.
In the evening, we had our group picture taken.
Afterwards, we gathered for our elegant Private Group Dinner.

Group Dinner
Set up for our Private Group Dinner

Olympic Games
Olympic Games: We are forever young

Underwater Sculpture Park
Underwater Sculpture Park - a great
adventure for snorklers and divers

Staying at an all-inclusive Sandals resort means that all meals at all restaurants are included, as well as unlimitted premium brand drinks, soft drinks, beer and Beringer wines. In addition, almost all water sports like snorkling, windsurfing, kayaking, wateskiing, kneeboarding or hydrobikes are included. Certified divers will enjoy two free dives every day including most of the needed dive gear.

In the morning, we had a lot of fun with our "Olympic Games" at the beach.

In the afternoon, some of us went snorkling to the Underwater Sculpture Park that is approximately a 20-minute boat ride from the resort. The world's first Underwater Sculpture Park was created in 2006 and is a big tourist attraction.

At night, we joined the resort's beach party. Dinner was served via a buffet at Neptunes followed by some entertainment.

The next day, we got on two mini buses that took us to one of the schools in St. George's. There, we met with deaf people from the island. It was very interesting for us to learn about the daily life and professional activities of the deaf in Greanada. We had a wonderful time.

Meeting with deaf people in St. George's

Le Jardenier
Le Jardenier
We enjoyed our last dinner at Le Jardenier, a restaurant that features French cuisine

Group Picture
Group Picture

Thank you notes
Thank you notes from our clients

Fundraising Poster

We would like to thank the following people for their donation:
  • Chris & Cheryl Noschese
  • Walter & Franna Camenisch
  • Winchell & Ruth Moore
  • Robert & Linda Sheak
  • Roy & Carrie White
  • Albert & Peggy Hlibok
  • Robert & Ruth Davis
  • Linda Hudson
  • Ann Prokopik

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