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Deaf Canada & New England Cruise

October 4 - 12, 2012
Deaf Seniors of America
DSA 2013 Baltimore Conference Fundraising Cruise

Celebrating Ruby's birthday
Celebrating Ruby's birthday

This cruise was the second fundraiser sailing for the DSA 2013 Baltimore Conference. We embarked Royal Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas in Baltimore. After getting settled in our cabins, we had time to discover the different venues onboard the vessel, get together in a meeting, and enjoyed dinner. We celebrated Ruby's birthday during dinner.

We were busy during our first day at sea. We started the morning with a ship tour. Later, many onboard activities drew our attention. At night, we celebrated Richard and Mary's wedding anniversary.

Celebrating Richard and Mary's wedding anniversary
Celebrating Richard and Mary's wedding anniversary

An enjoyable walk through Kennebunkport
An enjoyable walk through Kennebunkport

Portland in Main was our first port of call. Many people in our group joined The Best of Portland & Kennebunkport tour. While driving through the city of Portland, we saw many historic Victorian homes,enjoyed terrific views of Casco Bay, the new Arts District, as well as the thriving commercial and business district. Then we drove along the beautiful coastline of Maine before we arrived in the picturesque town of Cape Elizabeth. There we stopped to see the oldest lighthouse in Maine. We continued to Kennebunkport where we saw impressive Victorian style mansions built by wealthy sea captains and merchants in the 1700s and 1800s. For lunch, we got off the bus in the center of Kennebunkport. Here the streets are lined with galleries, boutiques, antique stores, many restaurants, cafes, and pubs.

Departing the pier, we enjoyed a scenic drive along Park Loop Road of the Acadia National Park. After a while of driving, we stopped at one of the most scenic spots in the park, Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on North America's Eastern Seaboard. There, we enjoy a panoramic view over the beautiful landscape and the ocean. We proceeded to the Lobster Oceanarium and Museum and learned interesting facts about the lobster industry. At the end of the tour, we went to the town's historic district to visit a summer mansion overlooking Frenchman Bay.

Visit at the Lobster Oceanarium and Museum
Lobster Oceanarium and Museum
Enjoying the time in St. Martins with our local tour guide
Enjoying the time in St. Martins with our local tour guide

The first point of interest on the St. Martins and The Bay of Fundy tour was the Reversing Falls Rapids, an interesting phenomenon of nature. After leaving St. John, we enjoyed a scenic drive to St. Martins. Our guide shortened the drive by telling us stories and tales of life of the picturesque fishing village of St. Martins. Getting hungry in the meantime, we stopped at a local restaurant on the beach and had a delicious cup of Maritime Seafood Chowder. Afterwards, we had time to visit the Sea Caves and beach, which were carved out by the pounding tides. Another stop in St. Martins was the harbor area with the twin covered bridges. This area features a lighthouse, lobster traps, and fishing boats creating a charming scene. Upon our return to Saint John, your guide invited us to a visit of the Old City Market. The market is indoors and has many stalls where local farmers, artists and businesses offer their products. Although it was Canadian Thanksgiving Day it was quite busy at the market.

Today's port of call was Halifax where we embarked a coach. Our tour guide had a very good knowledge of the history and traditions of Halifax and the surrounding areas so that it was fun to follow his commentary. First we went to Peggy's Cove the world's most photographed fishing village. The area around and in Peggy's Cove is marked by rugged, sea-sculpted granite shores and often harsh weather conditions. After a short stop, we proceeded to the Acadian Maple store to learn how Nova Scotia produces Canada's premium maple syrup. Enjoying a few samples helped us with our shopping decisions. When we were back in Halifax and disembarked at the Fairview Lawn Cemetery, we didn't expect that many personal and touching stories related to the tragic Titanic disaster. Our guide did a great job to guide us through the cemetery, provide interesting facts and details that were very moving to everyone in our group. Back in the down town area, we took a break for lunch at the waterfront. After lunch, we enjoyed a brief walk through the colorful Public Gardens. Our last stop was on Citadel Hill to have a great view over the city.

Peggy's Cove
Peggy's Cove

Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax
Fairview Lawn Cemetery in Halifax

Group Picture
Group Picture, provided by Lance & Catherine Fischer

Donation for Deaf Schools in Jamaica

Fundraising Poster

We would like to thank the following people for their donation:
  • Sherwood Boxer
  • Allen & Claudia Sussman
  • Michael & Diana Lockhart
  • Lance & Catherine Fischer
  • Wayne & Helen Berke
  • Harry & Lois McWee
  • James Angell & Harriet Herman
  • Joyce Leitch
  • Howard & Mary Ann Sultan
  • Leslie Zinza & Karen Olson
  • Ruth Cobb & Marion Lowman
  • Fleet Bowman
  • Virginia Luke
  • Bob Walker & Collette Hatfield
  • Rita Spencer
  • Daniel & Phyllis Krpata
  • Robert & Ruby Vine
  • Richard & Mary Tingler
  • Ronald & Agnes Sutcliff
  • Marcia & Jean Zisman

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