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Deaf Bermuda Cruise
October 15-20, 2011
Deaf Seniors of America DSA 2013 Baltimore Conference
Fundraising Cruise

Enchantment of the Seas

The cruise was initiated by the Maryland Deaf
Senior Citizens as a fundraising cruise for the
DSA Conference 2013 in Baltimore. We were
a group of 89 people sailing on Royal
Caribbean's Enchantment of the Seas.

Baltimore DSA Logo

Enjoy watching the first part of the cruise video
by clicking on the ship. The video has been
provided by the DSA Conference committee
Baltimore 2013 and Donna Leff.

We embarked the Enchantment of the Seas in Baltimore
with favorable weather. During our first day at Sea we were busy with many onboard activities, a group meeting and individual get-togethers.

Flag Parade
Flag Parade
Picture: Elaine Herzig
Kings Wharf
Kings Wharf

Bermuda welcomes us with warm and sunny weather. Our ship anchors at the Kings Wharf
where we start our island tour. The tour covered
the entire length of the island with marvelous
views of the beautiful sandy beaches. Our bus drivers who were also our tour guides had a
broad knowledge about the island's history,
culture and daily life. On our way to the historic
town of St. George we crossed the smallest
bridge in the world, the Somerset Drawbridge.

St. George, a World Heritage Site, was first settled in
1612. The location was wisly chosen since it is located
in a sheltered sound that kept ships protected from bad weather. Wealthy Bermudian merchant families
dominated trade in the island's ports. Most of the buildings
were constructed in the 17th to 19th centuries. St. George was Bermuda's capital until 1815. Narrow winding alleys
and cobblestone streets invite visitors for a relaxing stroll.

Click on the Town Hall picture to watch Part 2 of the
cruise video. The video has been provided by the DSA
Conference committee Baltimore 2013 and Donna Leff.
Town Hall
Town Hall
Deliverance Ordnance Island is part of the harbor area and is
dominated by a replica of the Deliverance, a ship
built by the shipwrecked settlers. Their is also a bronze statue of Admiral Sir George Somers who founded the English colony of Bermuda then known as Somers Isles.
The town hall was built at King's Square in
1782 during the British colonial days. The Mayor
of the town still meets here with the town council.

Some of us discovered the island via scooter.
The second day in Bermuda was filled with the "Famous Homes & Hideaways Cruise". We went aboard the
Consort for an informative sightseeing cruise. While
traveling in Bermuda’s turquoise blue waters, we learned more about the island's history. And we were amused
by humorous anecdotes well presented by our tour
guide. We cruised along shorelines that are hosting
charming pastel-colored colonial homes.
At “Millionaire’s Row”, the tour guide pointed out the homes of the rich and famous. Later we saw the water front of Hamilton and Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere.

Millionaire’s Row
Millionaire’s Row
Picture: Elaine Herzig

Sightseeing Cruise
Sightseeing Cruise
Today, Hamilton is the capital of Bermuda. It is the
financial center of the island, the main port and a
buzzing tourist destination. The city was named after
Sir Henry Hamilton, one of the governors in the
18th century.


There was never a dull moment during the cruise. Conversations in the dining room kept us busy
every night, the casino was a place of luck for some of us, "The Quest" game was hilarious and
there was always a birthday or a wedding anniversary to celebrate.

Group Picture
Group Picture

Donation for Deaf Schools in Jamaica

Fundraising Poster

We would like to thank the following people for their donation:
  • Harry & Lois McWee
  • Marion Lowman & Ruth Cobb
  • Patricia Alford
  • Ray & Sarah Porras
  • Mary Lally
  • James & Virginia Lindsay
  • Peter & Nancy Kensicki

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