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Deaf Cruise Romantic Danube River
July 9-19, 2010

At the famous Charles Bridge in Prague
At the famous Charles Bridge in Prague
Framed by Austrian Alps, lush vineyards, and medieval castles, the Danube River casts the lure of romance that has caught many artists, musicians, and poets throughout the centuries. We traveled through many captivating cities beginning with a 3-night stay in fairy tale Prague followed with 7 nights on the timeless Danube River from Vilshofen to Budapest.
Prague is a faszinating city with many breathtaking attractions. Some of them were on our list during the sightseeing tour via bus. We filled our free time during our 3-night stay in the Czech capital with a pub tour, a boat tour and a ghost tour. Some of us opted for the tour to Tarazin. At the historic restaurant U Fleku
At the historic restaurant U Fleku
Picture: Larry Glasscock
Regensburg, Germany
Picture: Larry Glasscock
Although we could have spent more time in Prague, we departed by bus via Vilshofen, Germany. On the way, we stopped in Regensburg which is one of Germany's best preserved medieval cities. Afterwards we continued to Vilshofen where we were welcomed by some locals who set up a mini Octoberfest for the cruise passengers. After embarking our ship, the Amalyra we had a chance to taste the German beer.
The morning stay in Vilshofen provided the chance to discover this charming 1200-year old Bavarian town on the confluence of Vils and Danube. During lunch onboard the ship, we cruised to Passau. We enjoyed the afternoon with a walking tour through this 2,000-year-old fairy tale city. Due to its unique position, the city is also called "Venice on the Danube". Vilshofen, Germany
Vilshofen, Germany
Our ship
Our ship "Amalyra" at the pier in Linz, Austria
The ship arrives in Linz, the second largest city in Austria. During a city tour we visit the historic city. Several bus tours are offered for the afternoon. One part of our group goes to Salzburg in Austria and the other part opts for Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic. It is a wonderfully preserved medieval town, nestled in the hills just over the Austrian-Czech border.
Another beautiful day! We cruise through the narrow Strudengau and reach the Wachau Valley. A guided tour takes us to Melk's magnificent Benedictine Abbey. In the afternoon, we continue through the Wachau valley to Krems where we visit Duernstein. A walking tour reveals this quaint 16th-century town with its charming houses and taverns. Some of us went on a bicycle tour from the ship in Krems to Duernstein. The bicycles are always available onboard the sip. At night, we had the opportunity to sample local wines while visiting a "weingut". Wachau Valley with many beautiful castles
Wachau Valley with many beautiful castles
Pictue: Larry Glasscock
Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna
Schoenbrunn Palace, Vienna
Picture: Larry Glasscock
The Austrian capital, Vienna was our next stop. During a guided tour we saw famous places like the Hofburg Palace, Opera House, Ringstrasse and St. Stephen's Cathedral. The afternoon was filled with a visit at stunning SChoenbrunn Palace.
In the morning, the captain invited to a tour of the wheelhouse. After a scenic cruise, we arrived at Slovakia's capital Bratislava. A walking tour revealed the major sights including the Old Town Hall, Mirbach Palace and Gothic St. Martin's Cathedral. National Theater in Bratislava, Slovakia
National Theater in Bratislava, Slovakia
Picture: Larry Glasscock
Fisherman's Bastion Budapest, Hungary
Fisherman's Bastion Budapest, Hungary

Our wonderful river cruise came in Budapest to an end. We visited the Hungarian capital during a city tour. From the Buda Castle, we could enjoy a splendid view of the twin cities of Buda and Pest spread over both banks of the river. In the afternoon, we had time for shopping and more sightseeing. In the evening, we enjoyed a chanting night cruise at the Danube river in Budapest. What an end for such a marvelous river cruise!
Budapest at night
Budapest at night
Picture: Larry Glasscock

Group PictureGroup Picture
Picture: Larry Glasscock

Appreciation letter from my clients
Appreciation letter from my clients

Appreciation note from my clients
Appreciation note from my clients

If you would like to view a movie with more pictures about our wonderful river cruise, please visit my YouTube channel at this link: www.youtube.com/kerstinstravel.

What our clients said after the cruise:

Dear Kerstin,
We saw all the great attractions in six countries at Europe. Everything was fantastic . All interpreters were always pleasant helpful and very informative throughout our vacation. Thanks, Michael and Lucille

..., wanted to thank you so much for making our entire cruise trip (including Prague) such an enjoyable one. We really had a great time despite of the very steamy weather we had everyday except for the last day in Budapest. And you did a great job as a travel coordinator, and we truly appreciate your time and patience to make everything go smoothly. Thanks again!
Carrie and Roy

It was a wonderful trip in spite of hot weather-- so much to see and fun to explore when we had opportunity. You certainly planned well for this trip -- heaps of thanks to you!! I will most certainly want to travel with you again Pauline

Thanks for everything. We really enoyed the trip and had a great time.

We want to thank you very much for everything you had done for us and the deaf group. You did a very fine, wonderful job to make us actually enjoy the Danube River Cruise!!! You are one of the best professional cruise agents we have ever met! Michael and Karyl

The AMA Waterway cruise was magnificent and sensational. Your team performed marvelously for us! We enjoyed everything in the romantic Danube River cruise and enjoyed the experience of the “live history” of the cathedrals, castles, and old towns. In spite of some unpleasant weather we had a greatly appreciated our time in Europe. We wouldn’t enjoy any tour if the cruise hadn’t provided sign language interpreters for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing travelers. Those interpreters did a splendid performance. We thank Larry Glasscock for taking the artistic pictures for your media purposes. Kerstin, we really appreciate your hard work for all of our travel arrangements and for taking care of us so well. William and Teresa

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