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>Deaf Cruise Western Mediterranean
September 21- October 1, 2007

Several members of our group decided to spend a few extra days in Barcelona prior to our cruise. We stayed at the hotel Regina conveniently located at the Northern end of Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is the famous boulevard that invites you for a stroll through the hustle and bustle of the city. In walking distance, we discovered the Gothic Quarter, the maze of interconnecting small streets linking with squares and plenty of cafes and bars. Most of the buildings date from the 14th and 15th century. What a flair!

View from Notre-Dame de la Garde in Marseille
View from Notre-Dame
de la Garde in Marseille

On September 21st, we embarked Celebrity's Century in Barcelona (Spain) and set sail for France. Our first stop at the French Mediterranean coast was Marseille (France). We became acquainted with the Marseille by going on a city tour. The tour was like a journey through the historical and maritime past of Marseille, known as the melting pot of Europe. We had a magnificent view over the city when we claimed the steps to Notre-Dame de la Garde, a beautiful basilica set high atop the hills above the Old Harbor. We sailed along the French Riviera until we anchored in Cannes. We traveled via motorcoach to Nice, the "Capital of the French Riviera. On our way back, we visited the quaint town Antibe.

Departing the port of Livorno (Italy), we drove through the beautiful Tuscan countryside to the historic university town of Pisa. After a short walk we reached the Field of Miracles where we marveled at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. This famous Bell Tower leans over 16 feet out of perpendicular! Some members of the group went to Florence and visited the Piazza della Signoria, the heart of Florence and the city's largest square. There, a copy of Michelangelo's "David" and the Loggia dei Lanzi can be seen. Ponte Vecchio, famous for its covered design and shopping opportunities was also included in the tour. Pisa, Leaning Tower
Pisa, Leaning Tower

Ajaccio, Napoleon Monument
Ajaccio, Napoleon Monument
On our way from the port to Rome (Italy) we passed through the Etruscan Countryside. In Rome, we saw the famous ancient ruins, reflecting twelve centuries of Roman history. The end of the tour included a stop at the Vatican where we saw the biggest Basilica in the world and strolled around the famous St. Peter's Square.
Our scenic tour of Corsica (France) started with a city tour of Ajaccio. At Austerlitze Square we got off the coach for a photo opportunity. That is the place where Napoleon used to play as a child and where there is now an impressive monument in his honor. A walk along the narrow streets allowed us a view to the exterior of Maison Bonaparte where the Emperor was born.

One of Spain's biggest and busiest cities is Valencia. The city of Valencia surprised us with its futuristic buildings that are located in close proximity of the port. This part of the city is quite a contrast to the old town center with its gothic style buildings. The Fallas Museum provided an inside in the tradition of the beautiful "pardoned figures". The exhibition demonstrates the award winning master pieces of the Fallas Festival.

Our last stop on this cruise was Gibraltar that is part of the United Kingdom. During our panoramic Gibraltar tour we stopped for a view to North Africa, 12 miles across the famous Straits of Gibraltar. The tour ended with a few quiet moments at afternoon tea.

ILY IceSculpture
ILY ice sculpture
especially made by the crew
for our group

gift basket from Peter & Nancy Kensicki
A gift basket from Peter & Nancy Kensicki
sign of their appreciation for a wonderful cruise

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