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Join a cruise and help your deaf club or deaf organization to raise money

Welcome to Kerstin's Deaf Travel. We specialize in cruises and tours for the Deaf.
Here is a way you can help your deaf club or organization to raise money. When you book a cruise with our agency, notify us at the time of booking that you saw our company logo on the website of your deaf club or organization. Thus, your club will be eligible for a $20.00 per person referral payment. The money will be paid to your club or organization after the completion of the cruise.
Payments are only valid for completed sailings. Canceled bookings are not eligible. This offer does not apply to fundraising or similar cruise events. Only one organization can get credit for a completed sailing.
Now, click on Deaf Cruises & Tours in the navigation bar to view our cruise schedule and contact us at kerstin@kerstinstravel.com in order to book your cruise.
Happy sailing!


Home  |  Deaf Cruises & Tours  |  Past Deaf Cruises & Tours
Deaf Weddings |  Deaf Honeymoons |  Deaf Vow Renewals
Contact Us  |  Sponsorship |  Links

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